Tradition, quality and service in Barcelona

It all started when in 1907 my great grandfather

Joan and my great-grandmother Francisca, from Aragon

and from the Cerdanya, they married and formed a family of
four children. They bought a grocery store in

the neighborhood of Hostafrancs, "La Pilarica".


In 1961, his little son, my grandfather Josep and his wife

Teresa, opened the Mercado de les Corts with a

grocery store that would carry the same name, "The Pilarica".

The son of Josep and Teresa, my father, Josep María Roselló

He continued with the store. He married Ángeles, my mother,

and together they specialized little by little in products

selected deli leaving the grocery store in the current delicatessen

"Roselló / Especialidades Ángeles" in the same market.


Today it's me, José María Roselló, the fourth generation of

merchants in the family that continues with charcuterie,

with innovative proposals that adapt to the needs of all customers

n the Les Corts neighborhood and outside the neighborhood

thanks to new technologies and home delivery.

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