Special Barbecues

Chistorra navarra                                17,44€/kg                                      Fresh Iberian sausage                                         22,00€/kg

Fresh chorizo                                      9,90€/kg                                       Cooked pork feet (pack 4 halves / 2 feet)             6,50€/unid.

Onion black pudding and pine nuts         9,90€/kg                                      Iberian pork burger                                             18,00€/kg

Black pudding rice                               9,90€/kg                                       Iberian pork burger with onions                            18,00€/kg

Cured Iberian bacon                             9,90€/kg                                      Fresh products from Salamanca (Iberico 100%)      30,00€/kg  (according to availability)

Fresh sausage                                     9,90€/kg                                      Iberic secret                                                       30,00€/kg

Fresh sausage with mushrooms           18,00€/kg  (according to availability)   Iberian prey                                                       30,00€/kg

Fresh sausage                                     9,90€/kg                                      Fresh loin                                                          30,00€/kg

Fresh Iberian sausage                         22,00€/kg                                      Fresh loin marinated                                           30,00€/kg

Fresh sausages made