Cooked sausages

Natural and tasty

Natural boiled ham La Selva                                           17,44€/kg    
Turkey breast 100% natural MRM                                   22,00€/kg
Turkey leg 100% natural MRM                                       22,00€/kg
Mortadela LA MORTE Italian style                                    17,44€/kg                              
Classic Mortadela LA MILANESA                                     17,44€/kg
Bologna Italian oval style mortadella                                 17,44€/kg
Mortadela with olives La Selva LA SELVA                         17,44€/kg
Mortadella turkey with fine herbs                                     22,00€/kg
White pot sausage                                                        17,44€/kg
Black pot sausage                                                        17,44€/kg
Black sausage egg (seasonal)                                        17,44€/kg
White wide sausage MITJANS                                        17,44€/kg
Wide black sausage MITJANS                                        17,44€/kg
GRAU VILA natural cured bacon                                     17,44€/kg
Smoked cured bacon GRAU VILA                                   17,44€/kg
Bull white tongue MITJANS                                            17,44€/kg
Black Bisbe of MITJANS language                                  17,44€/kg
Head of wild boar with pistachio MITJANS                        17,44€/kg
Campaign pate                                                             17,44€/kg
Sobrasada  reserve SON DALABAU sweet                       29,90€/kg
Sobrasada reserva SON DALABAU spicy                         29,90€/kg
Pork stand carcass GASH C.                                           35,00€/kg  Subject to availability
Bull white mountain GASH C.                                          17,44€/kg   Subject to availability
White sausage with foie GASH C.                                    25,00€/kg   Subject to availability
Black sausage with Parma cheese GASH C.                      25,00€/kg   Subject to availability
Other products:
Goose baked pasta (pate) with pepper or herbs                 4,00€/unit.
Smoked salmon BENFUMAT (river)                                  69,00€/kg                                                           
Artesan quince San Eusebio                                           17,44€/kg                Most of our products are gluten-free or lactosa-free