and sausage trays

Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder                                      99,00€/kg                Varied cheeses                                     35,00€/kg               

[large round (500gr / approx.)                                                                [medium square (800gr / approx.)

or medium (250gr / approx.)]                                                                 or small (300gr / approx.)]


Ibéricos with ham (palette, loin and sausage or           80,00€/kg                Smoked salmon (BENFUMAT river)         69,00€/kg

chorizo                                                                                                [large round (500gr / approx.)

[large round (500gr / approx.)                                                                or medium (250gr / approx.)]

or medium (250gr / approx.)]                                                                 Assorted canapes                                 35,00€/kg

                                                                                                          [large square box (1kg / approx.)

Iberian without ham (loin, sausage and Iberian            65,00€/kg                or medium (750gr / approx.)]

chorizo                                                                                                For any personalized adaptation or doubt consult in the store

[large round (500gr / approx.)                                          

or medium (250gr / approx.)]